Eames for Herman Miller Wire DKR Chair c.1950



An early Eames DKR black wire chair.

  • CREATOR Ray & Charles Eames for Herman Miller.
  • CONDITION Good. Wear consistent with age and use. Minor rusting which is not uncommon. Three feet are missing which are easily replaced.
  • DIMENSIONS H 32 in. W 18.5 in. D 22 in.


Part of the Wire Mesh series, the abbreviated Eames DKR Chair stood for Dining (D) height, K-Wire (K) chair, on Rod (R) base. The DKR-1 and DKR-2 are the exact same chair however the number represents the patterned shape of the upholstery cover.

Released in 1951, the Eames Office was finally able to realize their aspiration of bringing to the marketplace a chair made primarily in metal. Even the plastic series chairs which preceded it were originally intended to be metal before the advancement of fiberglass. The manufacturing work was completed by Banner Metals of Compton, California, for Herman Miller.

Much of the work had already been done as the wire mesh series would use the same bases found on the plastic chairs. They would also utilize the same shape and design in the top of the side plastic chairs. There was of course, no arm version made.

The DKR-1 and DKR-2 were different only in the upholstery style. The padding of the DKR-1 Eiffel Wire Chair was like the early plastic chairs, with a removable cover to only the front facing seat part. The DKR-2 had a new upholstery design, with two pieces, one on the seat and one on the back, tied by a button in the center. The shape of the cover for the DKR-2 is what coined the phrase the ‘Bikini’ chair for it’s resemblance to the fashionable swimsuit.

Collectors find most of the Wire mesh chairs found today no longer have their original covers. This is not so unexpected considering the age.



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