The way we do business.

S16 Home is an online retailer. You can shop our full collection online and either pick up from our San Francisco location or we can help you arrange shipping. If you would like to see items in person, please make an appointment Monday to Friday (11am - 5pm).

286 Sanchez St San Francisco, CA 94114

Let us take you back in time and across the globe.

Established in 2014 in San Francisco's Castro District, S16 Home offers some of the best industrial and mid-century furniture, antique objects and vintage lighting on the market – all sorts of things, carefully designed, admired and preserved.

We take great pride in our meticulously curated collection, which reflects our belief that our stories can be told by the objects we surround ourselves with. When people shop at S16 they choose their own objects and make their own journey, but we think what they find is that their own histories quickly intersect with everybody else's, and when that happens, there are endless connections.

Every vintage object purchased means one less new one produced. Will that save the planet? No. But it’s a start. By buying one of our items you are making a small step to help reduce the environmental impact of homewares manufacturing, so join us by taking your own small step.

Meet Brian and Luke.

We're the founders of S16 Home. We've always seen the beauty in objects and admired the craftsmanship from bygone eras. Neither of us are formally trained in design, our store is simply a reflection of our obsession with collecting. Our style is classic, historic and monumental. With years of experience offering San Francisco and the rest of our online community our unique point of view, our brand continues to reach homes nationally and internationally. 

"I was visiting San Francisco on a whim and met Brian. His Midwestern charm caught me off guard. Six months later I moved countries, married him and we started S16." Luke

"I've been collecting since the dawn of time. As a kid, my father used to take me to farm auctions and my mother to yard sales. But it took an Aussie to make me realize that I could make a decent living doing what I love." Brian