Physical/ Political Globe on Stand by Denoyer-Geppert c.1956



This is an original cartocraft physical/political 12 inch globe published by Denoyer-Geppert Company. The globe is a 1:42,000,000 scale. The globe is mounted on a metal base with a heavy steel bracket that adjusts within the bracket. A very unusual globe in the design of the base and the overall height. The globe is in good condition with minor blemishes on the globe and a distressed base consistent with age and use.

  • CREATOR Denoyer-Geppert 
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Metal Stand, Paper Globe. 
  • CONDITION Good. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • DIMENSIONS H 21 in. x W 15 in. x Dia 12 in.


The Denoyer-Geppert Company was founded in 1916 by L. Philip Denoyer and Otto E. Geppert. In 1916 after both had careers working for Chicago mapmakers, they formed their own mapmaking business under their own names, with Denoyer as President and Geppert as Sales Manager and Secretary/Treasurer.

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