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Antique Adding Machine by Victor Adding Machine Co. c.1919



The is an antique steel and glass adding machine by the Victor Adding Machine Co. Chicago, U.S.A.. The "Victor" name is on the front, top and back of the piece. The patent emblem is on the back with a date of "June 20th, 1919-April 13th, 1920". The model number is #200. The body is steel, metal, and wood on the handle. With a fully functional wood and steel lever, the numbers calculate, print on the paper and display in the glass viewing window on the body. The black, white and red push button numbers are Bakelite, the first plastic produced. Two ribbon holders are on the top with a manually operated dial to rotate the paper. The piece has retained its original finish and is in excellent condition with appropriate patina for its age.
  • CREATOR Victor Adding Machine Company (manufacturer)
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Steel, Metal, Bakelite.
  • CONDITION Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • DIMENSIONS H 10 in. W 10 in. D 17 in.


The Victor Adding Machine Company was founded in 1918 and the first Victor Adding Machine was introduced in 1919. This piece is their company's first printing calculator, which cost $100 back then. Nine years later Victor introduced subtractor machines that could both add and subtract. During World War II, Victor manufactured the Norden Bombsight.

This was a revolutionary piece of technology that allowed pilots to drop bombs with greater precision and accuracy, thus minimizing civilian casualties. Victor made additional contributions to the war effort, manufacturing an aircraft compass and a B-24 bomber turret gunsight. Fast forward to current day, after becoming the provider of Sharp calculators in the US and Latin America, Victor is now the largest provider of printing calculators in the US.

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