Antique Underwood Universal Portable Four Bank Typewriter c.1935



An antique "Underwood Universal Portable Typewriter" with a 10 inch carriage, original case, original key and leather handle. Known as a "Four Bank", this typewriter is smaller than other portables of its day with only four rows of keys making it a much more compact device. The serial number F861476 is stamped on the inside. The keys are nickel and black and two are green.  The carriage glides easily and moves properly with each strike. 

  • CREATOR Underwood Typewriter Company, NY.
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Steel, Metal, Nickel.
  • CONDITION Good. Wear consistent with age and use. Ribbon needs changing which can be easily purchased. The tops of two keys are damaged but do function. Slight damage to the case on the side. Small split in the fabric.
  • DIMENSIONS H 6 in. W 13 in. D 12 in.


The Underwood Typewriter Company was a manufacturer of typewriters headquartered in New York City. Underwood produced what is considered the first widely successful, modern typewriter. By 1939, Underwood had produced five million machines.

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