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Antique Swiss Army MO-05 Bicycle c.1930-1940

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A Swiss Army MO-05 bicycle with original leather seat, leather map case, tire pump and head lamp. Originally used by the elite Swiss Bicycle Infantry.

  • CREATOR Swiss Army.
  • DATE OF MANUFACTURE c.1930-1940.
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Leather, Paint, Steel.
  • CONDITION Good. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • DIMENSIONS H 39 in. W 71.5 in. D 20 in.


The classic Swiss Army Bicycle, as used by the Swiss Bicycle Infantry. Officially called Ordonnanzfahrrad Modell 05, it was introduced in 1905 and in continuous use until replaced by the MO-93. It was built between 1905 and 1989 by Schwalbe, Cäsar, Cosmos and Condor. Swiss bicycle Infantry were phased out in 2001. The most recognisable feature of most Swiss Army Bicycles is the large carry case fitted into the frame. It is accessed from the right-hand side, whilst having a separate document and map compartment on the left-hand side. They were painted all-over basic black, usually semi-matt, although some later models were painted olive drab. Fittings and accessories were variously black, brown or olive drab in colour. The basic model saw many variations as it was adapted for use in many different fields of warfare. Some were stripped down of all non-essential fittings for use as a messenger transport.

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