Late 19th c. Scrubbed Carpenter's Workbench c.1880-1900



An original scrubbed carpenter's workbench with two wooden screw vises and large inlay tray on the back used to house larger tools. There are 10 "dogs" spaced along the width of the front. Pegs were placed in the dogs to hold a piece into place while the carpenter was working on it. Wrap around metal near the left vice. Large dovetail joints on each side.

The base can be completely broken down by removing the 4 slotted pegs on each leg. The piece is structurally sound and has retained the naturally distressed look of an industrial piece of this kind.

  • CREATOR Unknown.
  • DATE OF MANUFACTURE c.1880-1900.
  • CONDITION Good. Wear consistent with age and use. Vice on the right is not engaged and doesn't wind out. Handles on the vices have been replaced.
  • DIMENSIONS H 31 in. x D 36 in. (main body 31.5 in) W 82.5 in.


A workbench is essentially a table fitted with various holding devices, such as benchstops and vises, made sufficiently strong and massive to be used for a variety of woodworking operations. The modern workbench derives from two separate pieces: a table for planing wood and a bench for supporting wood to be sawn.

A real scrubbed finish is simply bare wood that has been cleaned and cleaned – getting better over time

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