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Merino Wool and Silk Area Rug by Fells Andes

$8,995 $11,495


Kupla Area Rug hand knotted with hand cut pile pattern, 100 knots. New Zealand Cruelty-free Merino Wool & Silk. Hand dyed colors. All rugs are entirely bespoke.

  • CREATOR Courtney Trump (designer) Fells Andes (manufacturer)
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Merino Wool, Silk, handwoven. Colors: FA 109 Slate & FA 107 Nyhavn.
  • CONDITION Good. Floor sample. Minor wear on the corners. One pea size spot on one corner denoted in photos.
  • DIMENSIONS 8' x 10'


Fells Andes design mindful rugs, textiles and accessories. Pieces that create a comfortable calm to restore repose and be a retreat in the modern world. Sourcing the finest fibers and materials, they collaborate with only the most skilled craftspeople. Creating objects designed to be coveted and kept. They have a deep respect for the people, places and materials that make their pieces and strive to preserve those traditions. Their design approach balances a modern edge with timelessness and subtly with strength.

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