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Large Daguerreotype in Embossed Gutta-Percha Case, c.1839-1860

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Large daguerreotype in embossed case, circa 1880s. Case is lined with velvet and made of Gutta Percha which is a tough plastic substance from the latex of several Malaysian trees (genera Payena and Palaquium) that resembles rubber but contains more resin and is used especially as insulation and in dentistry in temporary fillings.

The daguerreotype comes with a photograph of the same gentleman and hand written notes.

  • CREATOR Unknown
  • DATE OF MANUFACTURE c. 1839-1860
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Glass, Gutta Percha, silverplated copper
  • CONDITION Excellent
  • DIMENSIONS H 4 in. x W 5 in. x D 3.5 in.


The Daguerreotype process, or daguerreotypy, was the first publicly available photographic process, and for nearly twenty years it was the one most commonly used. Invented by Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre and introduced worldwide in 1839, daguerreotype was almost completely superseded by 1860 with new, less expensive processes yielding more readily viewable images. During the past few decades, there has been a small revival of daguerreotypy among photographers interested in making artistic use of early photographic processes.

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