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Sukhothai Style Bronze Head of Buddha Shakyamuni on Wood Base 5" c.1800

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This is an original lost-wax casting bronze head of Buddah Shakyamuni from the 19th century, Thailand. It is mounted on a contemporary wood base. His meditative expression, arched eyebrows, downcast eyes, smiling lips, elongated earlobes and curled hair are indicative of late Sukhothia style sculptures. This sacred object has retained its original bronze finish and shows appropriate wear and patina for its age. 

  • CREATOR Unknown, Thailand
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Lost-wax casting, bronze, wood.
  • CONDITION Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • DIMENSIONS H 5 in. x W 1.5 in. x D 1.5 in.


Buddha images from the 1800's are often replicas of images from the Sukhothai periods, often more ornately and elaborately adorned. During the Sukhothai period (fourteenth century), the style of the Thai Buddha sculpture radically changed due to the influx of new ideas from Sri Lankan Buddhism. Images were cast with the intention of depicting superhuman traits of the Buddha, and were designed to express compassion and serenity in posture and facial expression.

The Sukhothai period sculptures often have finely curled hair, a slight smile, broad shoulders and an oval face. The head is usually depicted with short hair to show Buddha after he had cut off his topknot to renounce his privileged past, representing life between the extremes of indulgence and mortification. His eyes are half-closed eyes showing a state of meditation: looking outward and inward. And, his earlobes are elongated to hear what's needed in the world.

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