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Ceramic PIckling Crock by Garden City Pottery Company c.1920

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This is an original commercial 2 gallon pickling crock manufactured by the Garden City Pottery Company in San Jose, USA. It is stamped with the company name and is marked #2. The piece has retained its original finish and is in excellent condition with appropriate patina for its age. 

  • CREATOR Garden City Pottery Company (Manufacturer)
  • CONDITION Excellent. With appropriate patina for age.
  • DIMENSIONS H 10in. x Dia 9 in.


Garden City Pottery was founded in 1902 in  San Jose, California with an office and manufacturing facility on 560 North Sixth Street. Like many California potteries of that period, their original product lines focused on commercial tile and pipe, sanitary and gardenware products, and by the 1920s, Garden City was the largest pottery in Northern  California.

During the 1930s Garden City brought in designer Royal Arden Hickman and Paul Larkin, who began creating new dinnerware lines as well as floral and artware pieces. Paul also created a series of glazes for the new lines. Merrill Cowman joined in 1934, and the two of them formulated Garden City's first set of glazes in yellow, green, blue, orange, cobalt, turquoise, black and white. Pottery was dipped in glazes rather than using a spray process.

Garden City wares were distributed nationally through retailers like Macy and Montgomery Ward. Since Garden City was primarily a wholesaler, wares were sold under store brand names and are not marked. Additionally, no company product catalogs are known to exist and no official product names are known. By 1979, the decided to exit the manufacturing business and focus solely on wholesale distribution. The new venture was not profitable and Garden City closed in 1987.

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