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Simply use the form at the bottom of this page, with a brief description of the item including brand, name, age, material, original purchase price and condition. Then attach at least one photo of the piece that you would like to sell. Multiple pieces can be submitted on the same form.


Based on this information, you will be advised whether the merchandise is acceptable for sale at S16. If so, we will provide you with a valuation. If the valuation is acceptable to the consignor, you will be asked to sign a  Consignment Contract defining the terms and conditions of consignment at S16. A standard consignment split of 50/50 applies to all items after it has sold. Net proceeds include deductions for credit card service fees, internet advertising fees and repair or cleaning fees where applicable. The consignment contract is valid for twelve months.


We encourage consigners to bring in their own furniture. However, we can arrange for furniture to be transported to our showroom at the cost of the consigner. For large estates an appointment can be arranged for a home visit. Please refer to FAQ below for more details on selling on consignment.

What does consignment mean?


Consignment is the act of consigning, which is placing goods in the hands of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold.


What style of furniture do you accept?


We specialize in high end designer furniture, but we have had success selling a broad range of styles from many different periods. If an item is of good quality and enduring design, it will generally sell quickly.


Why consign when I can sell the goods myself?


Consigment is convenient, no time spent managing your listings on websites or showing your items at home. Your furniture or decor will be displayed in a showroom with a high traffic of shoppers looking for quality furnishings. Our reputation and our ability to market, display and sell your furniture, results in a selling price which is higher than private sale or auction.


Where do you get your stock?


Our business would not function without the unique, high quality and well -maintained merchandise we get from our consignment vendors. We receive display items from commercial vendors as well as being offered furniture from some of the country’s finest private homes. Just because it doesn’t work in your home, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t be thrilled with it.


How does it work?


All new consignments begin with an approval process. We recommend submitting a photo via email. If the items are suitable for consignment, we will email you a listing price. If you agree on the price it is your responsibility to bring in the item or we can arrange a mover at your expense.


What condition is the furniture in?


To be saleable in our store, the merchandise must be in good to mint condition. Evaluating your furniture on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, we look for pieces that are in between an 8 and a 10. With vintage pieces distressed is desirable whilst damaged is not.


Who handles the logistics?


All removal and transport of furniture is the consigner's responsibility. However, we can arrange for a professional mover to deliver your furniture to our showroom at your expense. Light repairs and cleaning do result in additional fees, however we will discuss these situations with you where it is necessary. We polish and touch up your furniture to make it as desirable as possible. We will then arrange the pieces in the showroom along with other quality pieces.


Who sets the price?


Our pricing formula takes into consideration the condition, quality of construction, manufacturer, original purchase price, style, color and demand for the item.Priced too high and the item won’t sell. Priced too low and it is unfair to the consignment vendor. Our experience and knowledge of the market helps us price fairly for both buyer and seller.


How long do you keep the furniture?


Merchandise is consigned to S16 for a 90 day period, however we have found that 65% of our inventory sells in the first month.


What if my furniture fails to sell?


Items that are priced right and are desirable, sell. In the event that your items have not sold within the first 60 days of the contract, S16 will discount the price of the goods for the remaining term of the contract. Any items that have not sold within the 90 day period can be picked up, discounted for clearance or sent to donation. After the 90 period it becomes the property of S16.


When my furniture sells, how do I get paid?


Within 30 days of completion of the sale, MOBILE HOME will forward a cheque to the vendor. This will be for the agreed net price as per the contract, less any costs such as transport and cleaning.


Do you charge for delivery?


S16 use several reputable local moving companies to provide pick up and delivery services.They usually have flexible schedules and offer very competitive rates.


I am not ready to take delivery of my purchase, can you store it for me?


We require goods to be collected/delivered within 7 days of purchase. Storage fees will acrue at a charge of $50 per week, per item after this period.


What is your commission?


Our commission is 50% of the selling price of the item.


Do you offer trade discounts to designers and stylists?


We do offer a designer discounts.